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Firefighter Safety

It’s one of the most feared scenarios in firefighting - a fellow firefighter goes missing or is trapped in a burning structure. In these critical moments, every second counts. Lives hang in the balance, and a quick and effective rescue becomes paramount.


Reduction in Deaths

after deploying PASS devices [1]


Deaths caused by being Lost or Disorientation

in a fire [2]


Deaths caused by being Trapped in a fire [3]

[1] O'Donnell, Michael P., et al. "Personal Alert Safety Systems (PASS) Reduce Firefighter Deaths." Journal of Fire Protection Engineering, vol. 26, no. 3, 2016, pp. 172-184., doi:10.1177/1042391515615179
[2] National Fire Protection Association. "Firefighter Fatalities in the United States." NFPA, 2023,
[3] National Fire Protection Association. "Personal Alert Safety Systems (PASS) for Firefighter Life Safety." NFPA, 2023,

HERO Search V1

A Personal Alert Safety System (PASS) Device for firefighters, search & rescue teams, damage control teams and isolated workers.

HERO Search V1
  • HERO Search V1
    Continuous Motion Sensing

    Our advanced motion sensing technology ensures that no movement goes unnoticed, helping locate missing or incapacitated firefighters swiftly.

  • HERO Search V1
    Pre-Alarm and Full Alarm System

    With an intelligent pre-alarm feature and a loud 92dBA full alarm, our device ensures that even in challenging conditions, our HEROs can be easily located.

  • Visual Indicators for Enhanced Visibility

    Bright red lights blink once every second, providing a visual beacon to guide rescuers to the firefighter's location.

  • HERO Search V1
    Rechargeable Battery

    Our device's rechargeable battery offers a 16-day runtime on a single charge, ensuring long-lasting performance during critical operations.

  • HERO Search V1
    Compact and Lightweight Design

    Designed with dimensions of 90mm x 70mm x 50mm and weighing just 200 grams, our device provides comfort and ease of use without compromising on functionality.

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